Ormond Beach, Florida 32176

My 5 Step Trek

Step 1: Get Your Initial Bio Scan

This will assess your Bio Physics so you can "SEE" clearly  the distortions that need to be corrected to empower your Bio Chemistry. It doesn't matter if you have the nutrition right if the ENERGY isn't right.

Step 2: Initial Bio Scan Consultation via web conference

This is a true Telemedicine Model so you will be able to "SEE" remotely what needs to be corrected & what complex remedial agents recommendations need to be ordered & taken.


Step 3: Experience the healing process

Once you take the complex remedial agents you will start to feel that the dynamic process is working! You may not like everything about it but you will KNOW it's working! You will "SEE" clearly, for the first time, that you get well and it's just a matter of time. You will understand by experience that sickness management is NOT Healthcare!

Step 4: Nutritional Bio Chemistry

Now that your Bioenergy is being corrected, the information and energy can now empower your Bio Chemical processes. 

Step 5: Continuous Rebuilding of your metabolic pathways & detoxication pathways

Now you can have double and even triple your energy to do all the things on your bucket list and be happy at the same time.


Can you "SEE" yourself discovering and living your Higher Purpose?